3 Fun Ideas for Family Recreation and Sports

Sports are a great way for families to be active together. Like we heard on a commercial a few years ago, families that play together stay together; and we believe that could be true. So what better way than with sports?

Tere are literally tons of different sports and recreational activities that can be done as a family. We want to give you some ideas in this post to make family play more fun. Plus, we don’t do posts like this very often, so we wanted to try something new to see how well it works out. If you all enjoy posts like these, let us know so we can make more.

  • Grab some chalk and create a hopscotch course on the street or in your local park. Parents, you are never too old for some scotch.
  • Make up your own games that provide points or rewards for more activity. This can be so much fun and give everyone a chance to add in their own touch of creativity, making for a special game that is unique to your family; one that your kids can pass on to theirs generation after generation.
  • Have Races. Whether it’s walking fast with an egg on a spoon, jogging, running, biking, rollerblading, scootering, or heck even swimming, racing each other can be competitive, fun, and a lesson in teamwork for everyone and let’s face it – you are never too old to learn something new.

That’s all the fun ideas I have for you for now.

I hope however, that you did find these tips to be helpful and that they can help you and your family have more fun. If you have any of your own ideas to get everyone moving as a family, let me know! I would love to hear from you!


3 Ways to Make Your Teen’s Prom Rock

Prom is right around the corner for most teens around the US – are you ready, moms?

This is a special time in your teen’s life and I’m sure you would like to help them make it a major memory in their life. If so, here are three of my favorite ideas for making prom night rock.

1.) Attire

This certainly isn’t much of a big deal for the guys but as for the ladies, finding the “best” dress can be quite the process. Depending on your teen’s interest in being one of the best dressed, it can take several shopping trips before you come across that it dress.

Who can blame a girl for wanting to look her best though? These memories only come around once in a lifetime, so make them count mom. 🙂

2.) Limo

What better way to arrive at the prom than in a limo? Relax, it doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think. Simply grab the interest of a group of friends and go in on the deal together.

Taking a limo to prom can add even more memories to your teen’s special day, but it won’t make or break the excitement of the night.

3.) Dinner in Style

Sure, you can rely on there being some food at the prom, but doing dinner before or after can make the night that much more magical.

Why not get a group of friends together at a favorite restaurant and discuss your prom experience? It’s a better alternative than going to a party, and a better opportunity to tie your friends into the prom experience.


3 Fun Ways to Have Fun With Your Trees

Hey there y’all. I know, it’s been forever since I posted on here last. 2015 sure got away from me, but I hope that 2016 will be different as far as Vaccrrn goes.

To kick things back off again though, I wanted to share some ideas I recently got from a family member about what you can do with the trees in your yard.

So let’s go!

1.) Build a Tree House / Tree Fort

Everyone seems to know about tree houses, but not everyone knows how to build a treehouse, or a tree fort for little boy’s sake. Even if you don’t have any trees in your yard, you can always build a type of make-shift house for your yard.

My kids and I are always looking for new activities as you all may know, so building a treehouse will be at the top of the list early on this Summer. Do a little research about your property and building a treehouse to get in on the fun too.

2.) Make a Tire Swing

Now I know that not everyone will have a sturdy enough branch to hold-up a tire swing, but get creative. You can always buy a swing-set if need be, or find a community tree to hang one on for everyone to enjoy. The good things about tire swings is that multiple people can get in on the fun, all at one time!

3.) Start a Leaf Collection

One of the best things about trees is their leaves. There are many trees in our world and no matter what time of the year it is, you can always find a few leaves here and there. Well, that actually depends on the state you live in, but still. Anyways, kids love to collect pretty things, so why not start a tree leaf collection?

What great ways to make fun use of the trees in our yards – especially coming from a person that removes trees for a living. Funny huh?


Teaching Kids Creativity Through Photography

If you have been following this blog, by now you probably know that I have been on a photography kick lately. Like I have said time and time again, I think it’s a great way to capture the special moments in life and have the pictures to forever remember the moment by. This is especially important when our kids are younger, or even still growing up.

It also believe that it’s equally important to show our kids the importance of these moments, and teach them that time and life are precious. As a kid you feel like you have forever to do things, but one day you look up and realize how much time has passed by. I want my kids to learn to appreciate the little moments in life as I believe they are truly priceless.

Because of all of this, I have started teaching my boys how to use a camera, and let them explore the idea of taking pictures. I think this might shape their creativity. I will never make them have an interest in photography if they don’t want to but for now, I think it will teach them to be more creative and how to appreciate life.

To be forward, I have already started to notice a change in my oldest son in the sense that he is becoming more relaxed and I can see how his pictures are starting to get better. He is developing perspective, which to me means he is growing in his creativity. This has been quite amazing and a wonderful thing to witness.

Try handing your kids the camera and see what they can do.


Photo Time for Everyone

Documenting your life and the lives of your family members can be an excellent way to keep memories running forever. I have taken it amongst myself to start taking more pictures of my children, and will continue to do so as they grow up.

I want my kids to be able to look back at their pictures many years from now and use them as a tool to keeps their childhood memories alive. Family is very important to me, and I see photography as a nifty tool to preserve that with.

Because of all of this, I have been taking a lot more photos here lately and you will probably hear me talk more about it on this blog. I feel like a lot of people are going to like this idea and want to do it themselves, so I would like to tart sharing more tips on taking photos as a family. I have also been seeing a TON of people set up their own photo booths by using their own cameras along with a few other supplies, so I am definitely going to be posting about that. I mean, what family doesn’t want to get silly together and take a bunch  of photos in their very own photo booth? I guess we will see.

When I first saw people making their own photo booths, I instantly thought about how it would be a great way to a.) have a great time with your family while posing for the camera in silly costumes and b.), how great it will be to have these pictures as a different kind of way to maintain memories. If you haven’t been able to tell, I’m all about the memories, and I just think that photos are the best way to make them. That way you have a harder time forgetting and photos can trigger an emotion that allows you to feel the same way you were feeling a certain day.

Well, I’m going to stop rambling now, I just wanted to make the announcement that I was going to start getting deeper into photography here on Vaccrrn.


Summer Time Fun

Wow, it’s already the middle of July and I can’t believe how fast the year has already been flying by! Can you?

Summer time is wonderful but it always seems to be the season that goes by the quickest. That’s probably because it’s my favorite season though, and the one I happen to enjoy the most.

A lot of fun games, activities, and vacations can take place during the Summer, at least a lot more than during Winter, which I can’t stand. There’s something about the sunny weather that just makes you wanna get out and play. Today on Vaccrrn, I wanted to talk about some of those things. So here at the top 5 things my children and I have greatly enjoyed doing this Summer.

1.) Slip-n-Slide: I believe I talked about this is one of my other articles, but creating a slip n slide can be easy, fun, and a cooling ride. If you don’t want to buy one from the store, you can always make one yourself with a large tarp, rocks or some softer objects to hold the tarp down with, and a hosepipe to stream water down the slide.

2.) Plant a Garden: This is a great time of the year to practice growing your own garden. This can teach kids a valuable lesson in responsibility, and even sprout more confidence in them. Allow them to choose some simple vegetables to grow, and then watch throughout the summer as they nurture the garden. It can be a truly rewarding experience.

3.) Go for Frequent Hikes or Walks: A walk around you neighborhood can be refreshing, and a hike that gets you out into the beauty of nature can be awesome. Get your kids out of the house and into the heat, just remember to bring plenty of hydration. Oh yeah, and you surly don’t want to forget the sunscreen.

4.) Ice Cream Party: I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! It’s so much fun to have ice cream parties to cool down the scorching Summer heat, but not too many of course. Frozen yogurt works great as well and is obviously a better substitute for ice-cream.

5.) Treasure Hunts: If you have a bigger yard, it can be fun stuff to hide different “treasures” and then have your kids find them. They don’t have to be valuable to be treasures, just make the game interesting.

What cool activities to you do with your kids during the Summer?


Top 20 Activities to Get Kids and Parents Moving Together

Did you know that less than half of kids get the recommended amount of exercise these days?

Parents seem to be having a harder time persuading their kids to take breaks and play outside. With all the news gadgets, video games, movies, TV shows, and other electronics constantly being placed in our kid’s faces, the temptation to play indoors can far outweigh the idea of moving around outdoors.

In this article, I would like to give you my top 20 activities that parents and kids can to take part in together, in hopes of bringing more fun and movement into both sets of lives.

1.) Go for walks as a family whether it be through your neighborhood or a local park.

2.) Find a good place for birdwatching and see how many different types you and your children can identify.

3.) Go for a bike ride as a family.

4.) Start a garden. Let your kids choose a type of seed to plant and encourage their nurturing for other things.

5.) Play a game of charades.

6.) Fly a kite on a windy day.

7.) Go stargazing in the early evening, moonlighting, or walk around with flashlights.

8.) Have a scavenger hunt around your yard, or grab the neighbors and spread the hunt throughout multiple yards. Any kind of fun items can be used as items for the hunt.

9.) Rake leaves as a family while making piles to jump and slide in.

10.) Clean out the attic, basement, or garage together.

11.) Throw a ball back and forth whether it be a softball, football, or frisbee. Alternatively, kick around a soccer ball.

12.) Host and indoor or outdoor game of hide and seek.

13.) Go for a swim in the neighborhood pool or lake. Many areas have community or swim centers nearby that you can visit with a membership or for a small fee.

14.) Have a family movie marathon.

15.) Play hot potato with the remote control if you sit down together to watch the TV. Whoever is holding the remote at the start of the commercial break gets to lead everyone in an exercise or choose what to watch next.

16.) Create an obstacle course in the backyard or open area of the house, keeping track of everyone’s time.

17.) Have a timed cleaning challenge. Assign everyone an equal amount of chores and see who can get to the winning prize first.

18.) Have an ice-cream party, but replace the ice-cream with a healthy fruit smoothie instead. Not exactly an active activity, but still good for nutritional purposes.

19.) Make your own backyard water slide. Grab your hosepipe and a large tarp along with something to hold the tarp down with, and your new slide is ready to ride on.

20.) Build a tree house or playhouse if you have the room in your yard. Not only is this a good source of physical activity, but a way to start developing responsibility.

What kinds of activities do you have up your sleeve? Don’t hesitate to share!



5 Creative Ways to Play on a Rainy Day

Summer has it’s fair share of rainy days, but you can still keep the fun going with your kids while inside. We have had a lot of of Summer storms in my area here , and so it got me to thinking creative about what all my kids and I could do.

Of course I had to share what came up with here on Vaccrrn, so here are 5 fun ways to keep your kids entertained inside on a rainy day.

1.) Have a Treasure Hunt

We don’t commonly think about these things, but there are plenty of places indoors to have a treasure hunt. Try making a set of clues for every player, and of course an item to be the hidden treasure. The possibilities with this one seem endless, and it’s a rewarding game to really enjoy with your kids.

2.) Create a Family Recipe Book

What’s better than a game that can continue to bring you memories for years to come? Grab an unlined journal and some index cards and you are ready to go. Compile your recipes by holiday or any other period of time that has a memory to it, or just plain inspires you.

3.) Indoor Camping

Who says that you camp indoors? Small tents can be set up indoors to reflect a realistic looking campsite, and you can even make your own tent by tossing a few big blankets over your chairs and furniture, and voila- a fun family tent for all members of your family.

4.) DIY Photo Booth

I remember speaking a little on this activity in one of my other posts, but it’s such a cool idea that I don’t mind mentioning it twice. All you really need for this one is a camera (the one on your phone or tablet will do), a cool looking sheet or piece of paper to use against the wall for a background, a few silly costumes that you kids may already have, and bam. Yet another cool way to make memories with your kids and have the pictures to last you a lifetime.

5.) Have a Film Festival

Grab a few of the kid’s favorite movies, some blankets, and popcorn, and lounge together as you watch a stream of your favorite movies, or even shows. For a full movie theatre effect, pin blankets over the windows to block out daytime lighting.

And there you have it- my top 5 activities for keeping kids entertained on a rainy day. What are some of your best ideas for rainy day fun?


Are Photo Booths, Bounce Houses, and Other Inflatables Necessary at Kid’s Birthday Parties?

* Update 9/16

We did it again! We rented more of these wonderful, fun attractions for one of my other nephew, Beckett’s birthday party. Yep, you guess it right – We went all out and rented a spacious photo booth (that gave us quick prints,) a bounce house, and two inflatable obstacle courses-one wet, and one dry. We even used the same rental companies!

But back to the regular post.

This past weekend was my nephew Jason’s birthday, and my family really wanted to do it up right by trying out some new birthday party concepts, which I thought would be great for sharing on the Vaccrrn blog. There of course we’re the usual party items like your streamers, hats, cake, balloons and well, you get the picture. But this party had a few new things that I have yet to experience, which I would like to share with you today in this blog.

These ideas don’t all come super cheap, but the fun you can have with them will be out the roof! Here are 3 party ideas you can utilize to make your children’s parties (or even yours for that matter) begin with a bang. Most are rentals but most local areas should have them.

1. Photo Booth

This way by far my favorite rental as it was loads of fun dressing up with loved ones and shooting pictures that will last me a lifetime. We all felt like models dressing up in the provided props and watching each other get in the booth to take pictures. Oh, we laughed and laughed for hours and had so much fun as a group.

Later on that day when the rental crew returned for pick-up, the kids actually started begging us to keep it for “just a little bit longer.” Lol. They had so much fun that they just didn’t want it to stop. Funny enough, we know the owner of the photo booth rental place so were able to talk them into letting us keep it for another hour. He even got into the booth and took some pictures with us!

If you’re looking for a great way to have interaction at your party, this is by far one of the best and most fun ways to do it.

2. Bounce Houses

We ended up renting the best bouncy house that came with an obstacle course and slide. The kids looked like they were having so much fun that some of us adults had to have a turn of our own, haha.  I have seen these things grow in popularity in my town, as more and more people are renting them for birthday parties and other types of events.

We had several options to choose from as they have selections for both boys and girls, even though they are fun for all! Just beware, in renting these bouncy things, your children may want to spend the entire party bouncing!

3. Sports Games

Finally, a way to make sports games fun for everyone! We rented an inflatable basketball hoop and let me tell you, most of the little gentlemen spent their time on this one. The game had two hoops so it was fun to watch them get competitive against one another.

To shake things up a bit we we’re able to hand out prizes for each time somebody won, which really turned up the volume knob on the fun.

All in all, these rentals were a tremendous success in my family book. We were all so impressed with how well everything turned out that we have begun to tell all of our friends and others in the community. I’m not sure why we never thought of doing this sooner but from now on, the majority of our birthday parties are going to have some form of rental.

These were a stupendous way to create a fun-filled party where everyone got along and interacted all day long. To be honest, I have never seen anything quite like it.

So if you are looking to have a similar experience, I can’t suggest these types of rentals enough as they created a whole other type of party for our family.

Until next time,



10 Family Activities for Spring & Summer – Part 2

Hey there ya’ll. In my article yesterday I named a list of 9 family activities that are best for doing in the Spring and Summer.

As you may know, I have decided to turn this into a series of several parts so that the lists will be easier to read and digest. After all, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when looking at a list of tons of fun activities all at once, at least with my family. 😉 The boys and I get really excited during this time of the year and can’t wait to get out and cross these activities off of our lists; well at least the first list. 😉

So as promised, here’s part 2 to the list.

1. Grow something ya’ll can eat – We always hear that we should eat fresh for good health and how much more fresh can you get than something you grow with your own two hands? Choose a fruit or vegetable that your family will love and start a ‘planting project’ together.

2. Make tie-dye shirts – Here’s a retro one, but making tie-dye t-shirts can be fun for all ages while allowing everyone in your family to take their creativity to all whole other level.

3. Climb a tree – This one speaks for itself but can always be a fun and exciting adventure for kids. Many of us don’t have that great big tree that makes climbing a breeze, but all over your town I can guarantee you can find them in parks or even another friends house.

4. Build a treehouse – If you do happen to have a nice sturdy tree in your yard, try making a treehouse. Some smaller trees that may not seem as strong can sometimes still be used however, you may need to bring in some other boards for reinforcement.

5. Wash the car as a group – Create your own personalized ‘water park’ by creating a day of fun and soapy suds by coming together to wash the family car. Not only will your car get a good clean but your family will, get wet together and have a memorable time.

6. Eat outside – A change of scenery can be nice, especially since we are coming out of the colder parts of the year. Move your families meals outside every now and then for a new kind of dining experience.

7. Have a garage sale – Now can be the time to get rid of unwanted items while making more room in your house. Give your kids some easy responsibilities to teach them the value of hard work and give them that extra boost of independance. IF you’re prepared to give it to them that it. ;0

8. Dig for worm – When it’s warm outside, we all know that Earthworms like to keep cool deep in the dirt. They enjoy visitors as long as they aren’t harmful ones. Check out these worm’s habitat when you and the family feel like getting a little down and dirty.

9. Discover honeysuckles – Honeysuckles are hands down one of the best parts of this time of the year! If you are fortunate to know where to find some, show this opportunity to show your kids how to get the honey out of them. This cool flower is not only beautiful to look at and exciting to find, but delicious to taste on a hot Summer’s day.

10. Make some flower arrangements – Whether you find flowers in your local grocery store, the farmers market or are able to pick them for yourself, now is a great time to take advantage of the various types of flowers that are in bloom and bring them all together in different arrangements of beauty. I’ve found that this type of project can really bring out your kid’s artistic side.


And there you have it! 10 more family friendly activities to keep everyone happy, healthy and busy with fun this season.

I am not sure if I will continue this series but no matter what, Vaccrrn will always be bringing you some kind of information pertaining to family fun and wellness.

Until next time,


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